Tufcot’s Technical team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to try to obtain approvals for Tufcot® materials for various applications and market sectors.

One approval that our current and prospective customers often require is WRAS approval – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

Tufcot® T100M material is now WRAS approved!

This is a conformance mark that shows an item can comply with the standards set out by the water regulations allowing for the use of Tufcot® materials to be used in the supply of carrying water from the public mains water supply in the UK.

This means that our products do not cause any waste, misuse or undue use or contamination of the water supply being supplied.

Tufcot WRAS Approved Material

Please see below our approval information:

WRAS Approval Number: 1908528

‘T100M’. Light grey coloured, polyester composite material, manufactured by sheet lay-up. For use with water up to 23°C.

  • Section: 5217 Polyester
  • Section Subtitle: Material only. Components made from materials listed in this section may be required to be submitted for audit tests.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 1908528
  • Expiry date: 31/08/2024

Supplier: Tufcot Engineering Ltd.

Composite Bearings for the Marine Sector - WRAS Approval

Applications for WRAS Approved Materials

The main applications where you can use Tufcot for WRAS approved areas include:

  • Pumps – bushes and bearings
  • Filtration Equipment – bushes and bearings

Both for use in potable drinking water supplies.

Applications for WRAS Approved Materials

Advantages of Choosing WRAS Approved Tufcot® Materials

Why use Tufcot materials for WRAS approved products:

  • Self-Lubrication of the material.
  • No Maintenance needed.
  • Minimal to no swell in water.
  • Low Friction values.
Tufcot WRAS Approved materials

For more information about Tufcot’s applications click here: https://www.tufcot.com/typical-applications/

For more information about Tufcot’s approvals click here: https://www.tufcot.com/about-us/accreditation-memberships/

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