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Tufcot® composite bearings are resin bonded fabric reinforced composite bearing materials, exclusively developed to suit a wide variety of bearing applications. Tufcot® bearings unique properties make them the ideal bearing solution in many different market sectors and in numerous different applications.

Tufcot® bearings are ideal for replacing conventional materials such as Phosphor Bronze, due to the self-lubricating nature of Tufcot® bearings the resulting benefits are in the improved performance and increased bearing life.

In order to improve their mechanical properties, in particular the friction coefficient, the resins are often blended with friction modifiers such as, Graphite, PTFE or Molybdenum Di Sulphide or often a combination of these.

In specific grades where an exceptionally low coefficient of friction is required a specially constructed composite fibre bearing surface liner containing PTFE is used.

Our wide range of materials also offer different physical, mechanical and chemical properties which are gaining more and more applications with our customers worldwide.

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Just Some of The Composite Bearings Tufcot Offer

  • Flange Bearings

  • Plain Bearings & Bushings

  • Thrust Bearings

  • Insulating Bushes

  • Bridge Bearings

  • Structural Bearings

  • Rudder Bearings

  • Custom Designed Bearing Applications

  • Spherical Bearings

  • Bearing Pads

  • Shell Bearings

  • Plummer Block Bearings

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Types of Bearings

By far the largest number of Tufcot® bearings produced are of the plain bearing type. The range of sizes we can manufacture is from as small as 8 mm id to over 1 metre. We have a full range of material grades engineered to suit a very wide range of applications.

High load low speed either dry running, grease lubricated, running in water or immersed in other mediums. High speed low load typically running in water or oil. In many instances Tufcot composite bearings can replace conventional metal bearings and offer significant performance advantages in operation.

In many applications where small axial loads have to be accommodated bearings can be manufactured incorporating flanges to take the axial forces.  Machined in one piece from tube these bearings are capable of withstanding axial forces of up to 40 N/mm2 .

Where higher axial loads are encountered or exceptionally large diameter flange faces are required, fabrication of the bearing with a flange face manufactured from sheet material can be easily produced.

These bearings are normally used between rotating parts to prevent metal to metal contact.

Thrust bearings and thrust washers can support higher axial loads – finding use in many application areas such as, marine, offshore oil and gas, hydro power generation, rail construction equipment and many more.

The application for these bearings is in the name. Bridge bearings and Structural bearings allow controlled movement to reduce stress on the bridge pillars, foundations or supporting structure of the bridge or buildings.

There are a number of different designs of both bridge bearings and structural bearings that can be manufactured in our Tufcot® composite materials.  Applications for these types bearings can be found on bridges, walk ways, in buildings and many other structures.

The various designs of Tufcot composite spherical bearings make them effective in situations and environments where conventional spherical bearings are either unsuitable or not desirable.

Our manufacturing and design capability offers a wide range of standard dimension designs or bespoke bearing possibilities, such as, all composite construction, composite housing and stainless ball, composite housing and stainless ball with a composite bearing fitted in the ball or steel housing and composite ball.

Flange bearings

Typical Applications

At Tufcot we supply a very varied range of Market Sectors with bearings that provide solutions to many issues often encountered within those specific sectors.

Some of these include:

Tufcot bearings are currently used in many marine applications typically in Deck machinery such as, Winch bearings, Deck crane bearings, lifting block sheave bearings, watertight door bushes and dock side equipment are just a few of the applications.

The use of these Tufcot bearings provide many benefits such as:

  • Low noise and vibration characteristics
  • No maintenance or Low maintenance
  • Water lubricated
  • Suitable for filtered or open water applications
  • High Load capability
  • Low breakout friction after long stationary periods.
  • Environmentally friendly

Tufcot has developed bearing materials specifically suitable for applications within the mining and oil & gas sectors, these include:

  • Anchor Sheave Bearings
  • Conductor Wear Sheaves
  • Subsea connector Bearings
  • Various pivot Bushes and Bearings

Tufcot bushings and bearings are used in a number of pieces of agricultural machinery such as:

  • Combined Harvesters
  • Bailers
  • Heavy Duty Tractors
  • Heavy Duty Spreaders

Tufcot manufacture a number of different bearings used in the automotive market sector, in particular for the off-road sector.

  • Steering & Vehicle Suspension bushes
  • Fork Lift Truck Mast Pivot Bearings
  • Ariel Work Platform Bearings

These are just a few of the Hundreds of successful Tufcot bearing applications around the world!

Composite bearings in the Marine sector

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