Tufcot® composite bearings are resin bonded fabric reinforced composite bearing materials, exclusively developed to suit a wide variety of bearing applications.

Our bearings offer a vast improvement on conventional materials such as Phosphor Bronze, thanks to their self lubricating nature, which offers improved performance and increased bearing life.

Are you looking for bearings? Tufcot have a range of bearings available including Structural Bearings, Flange Bearings and Spherical Bearings.

All of these can be specifically constructed to your needs, even in cases where an exceptionally low coefficient is required.

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bushes and bearing - composite materials

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Typical Applications

Here at Tufcot, we manufacture bearings for a wide range of market sectors including:

Marine Sector

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Anchor Sheave Bearings

  • Capstan Bearings

  • Davit Bearings

  • Deck Crane Bushes & Bearings

  • Deck Winch Bearings

  • Dredger Suction Tube Pivot Bearings
  • Fairlead Bearings

  • Hatch Cover Pads

  • King Pin Bearings

  • Launch Systems

  • Neck Bearings

  • Rope Spools

  • ROV Control Systems

  • Rudder Carrier Bearings

  • Rudder Pintle Bearings

  • Shark Jaw Bearings

  • Stabiliser Fin Bearings
  • Stern Roller Bearings

  • Stern Tube Bearings

  • Tow Pin Bushes

  • Thruster Bearings

  • Turret Bearings

  • Watertight Door Bushes

Mining, Oil & Gas Sector

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Anchor Sheave Bearings

  • Crane Bearings

  • Crusher System Bearings

  • Derrick Bushes

  • Drill Rig Bearings

  • Finger Board Bearings

  • Fluid Transfer System Coupling Bearings

  • Fulcrum Bearings

  • Heave Compensator Bearings

  • Inspection Lift Pivot Bearings

  • Insulation Bushes & Sleeves

  • Lifeboat Launch System Bearings

  • Moon Pool Hatch Cover Bearings

  • Motion Damper Bushings

  • Pipe Rack Support Systems

  • Riser Protection System Bearings

  • Roughneck Bearings

  • Swivel Stack Bearings

  • Turret Bearings

Agriculture Sector

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Crop Sprayer Boom Arm Bearings

  • High Load Agriculture Equipment Bearings

  • Flanged Bushes

  • Plain Bushes

  • Tipper Bearings

Food Processing

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Conveyor Bearings

  • Conveyor Rollers

  • Processing Rollers

General Machinery

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Construction Equipment

  • Hydropower

  • Injection Moulding Machines

  • Pump Bearings

  • Scissor Lifts

  • Steel Works

  • Support Rollers

  • Tail Lifts

  • Waste Processing & Recycling

Hydraulics Sector

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Back Up Rings

  • Front Cover Bushes

  • Gland Bushes

  • Neck Bushes

  • Rod End Bearings

  • Rotating Coupling Bearings

  • Spherical Eye End Bearings

  • Split Piston Bushes

  • Trunnion Mounting Bearings

Railway Sector

bushes and bearing - composite materials
  • Anti Roll Bar Bushes

  • Brake Hanger Bushes

  • Coupling System Bearings

  • Pivot Bushes

  • Railway Rolling Stock Bushes

  • Roller Bar Bushes

  • Snubber Bushes

  • Suspension Bearings

  • Trunnion Bearings

Types of Bearings

The 6 Main Benefits of Using Tufcot®

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Minimal Swell in Water

  • Low Friction

  • Easy Installation

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