Bridge Bearings

Tufcot® bridge bearings are typically manufactured from our T100G material grade.

Tufcot® composite materials have an advantage over traditional materials. Tthey do not corrode, are not affected by UV or changes in humidity, are not biodegradable, need no maintenance and have an infinite lifespan.

This reduces the need for traditional metals such as steel which are expensive and can deteriorate over time.

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bridge bearings

Types of Bridge Bearings

There are many different types of bridge bearings that are used depending on multiple factors such as bridge span and so on, some of these include:

  • Elastomeric bridge bearings: The most common and modern form of bridge bearing. The elastomeric bridge bearing can accommodate horizontal rotation and are the most economical solution in the construction of bridges.
  • Mechanical bridge bearing: There are many types of this bearing including the fixed bearing which allows rotation but no other movement forms.

Bridge Bearings Available

  • Fixed – Fixed in both X & Y -axis

  • Multi Direction – Free X & Y -axis

  • Single Direction – Fixed X, Free Y -axis

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Advantages of  Tufcot® Bridge Bearings

  • High Load Capacity

  • Synthetic Composite Material, No Corrosion, No Need for Painting

  • Electrically Isolating, No Bimetallic Corrosion

  • Dimensionally Stable & Tolerant in High Humidity Environments

  • 1/6th the Weight of Steel

  • Built in Lubrication System

  • Simple Bearing Assembly

  • Bearings are Manufactured In-House
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