Tufcot® flanged bearings are often used in applications when there is a requirement for the bearing to accept an axial load as well as the normal radial loads.

If the axial load is relatively small, the bearings can easily be machined in one piece from a suitable standard tube making a typical thrust washer and plain bearing as one single piece.

Where axial loads are higher, it is recommended the traditional method of a thrust washer and plain bearing should be used.

If the loads are too high or the flange diameter is too large and a flanged bearing is still required, we can still manufacture a flanged bearing by bonding a thrust washer to a plain bearing to ensure maximum loading can be utilised for the material and application. Our technical team can give advice on which method should be used if required.

This process allows us to produce the desired bearing design and also obtain the maximum mechanical properties of the Tufcot material.

With our comprehensive machining facilities special features can be easily incorporated in the flange faces, such as:

  • Mounting Holes or Slots
  • Lubrication Grooves
  • Special Location Features
  • Custom Shape of Flange

The main types of Flanged Bearings we produce are:

  • Plain Flanged Bearings

  • Double Flanged Bearings

flanged bearings

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Typical Applications

Tufcot® flanged bearings are very versatile and are are used in a wide range of equipment and market sectors.

Market Sectors

  • Agricultural

  • Hydro Power

  • Marine

  • Mechanical Handling

  • Railway

  • Sub Sea & Off-Shore Equipment


  • Davit bushes

  • Deck cranes

  • Tunnelling machines

  • Water tight door hinge bushes

  • Wheels and rollers

  • Many, many more

Agriculture Market Sector

The 6 Main Benefits of Using Tufcot®

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Minimal Swell in Water

  • Low Friction

  • Easy Installation

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