Tufcot® T100 – Standard Grade

Tufcot® T100 resin system is our standard grade resin.

This polyester resin system is used in many general bearing applications, T100 is often used in non-critical applications where a lubricant is either not required or recommended, such as an insulator.

When T100 is used with the addition of different solid lubricants it allows the self-lubricating nature of the Tufcot® material to work with the mating parts.

Primarily Tufcot uses Graphite, Molybdenum Di sulphide and PTFE either as a single additive or in combination with the resin systems however other lubricants can also be added.

T100 will operate to a maximum constant temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and will operate with a co-efficient of friction value of approx. 0.2 against stainless steel in dry running conditions.  This figure is reduced to between 0.13 and 0.18 purely with the addition of Graphite as in T100G grade (a Tufcot standard grade).

Tufcot® T100 Key Features

  • Tufcot’s Standard Grade
  • Operates to a Maximum Constant Temperature of 100 Degrees Celsius
  • Used in General Bearing Applications
  • Co-efficient of Friction Value of Approx. 0.2 Against Stainless Steel in Dry Running Conditions
Tufcot T100

Tufcot® T100 Material Grades

T100WhiteWater, OilDimensionally stable bearing material for the use primarily in harmless fluids.
T100GDark GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials.Self lubricating version of T100. An inexpensive general purpose hard wearing material. Tufcot’s standard grade.
Tufcot also produces T100GX with extra graphite.
T100MLight GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials.Self lubricating high performance bearing material.
T100MPLight GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials in the marine sector.Self lubricating high performance bearing material with low friction. Tufcot’s marine grade.
T100XPLGrey/To OrderFor use in high slip applications for example Wear Pads.Special PTFE layer incorporated in wearing surface which creates a very low co-efficient of friction.
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Tufcot® T100G – Typical Applications

The various Tufcot grades of composites are used in a huge range of bushing, bearings and wear pad applications.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Agriculture – Pivot bearings on heavy duty tractors, combine harvesters, balers, bale handling equipment, pea harvesters, tipper trailers, gang mowers, crop spraying equipment, logging equipment and off highway vehicles

  • Mechanical Handling – Fork truck mast pivot bearings, retraction chain roller bearing, side shifter bushes, telescopic boom slide pads, straddle carrier slide pads and bushes, walking beam bearing pads, pipe work supports expansion joint pads and sleeves

  • Food Processing – Bushes, bearings, wear pads and wear strips for food packaging, food handling machinery and bottle handling conveyors

  • Pharmaceutical – Bushes, bearings, wear pads and wear strips for tablet producing machinery

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics- Bearings, bushes, rod rings and piston rings in hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders, spherical eye end bearings, rod end bearings, trunnion mounting bearings, gland bushes, seal backup rings and special wear ring for military equipment

  • Marine – Deck crane bushes and bearings, king pin bearings, fairlead bearings, anchor sheave bearings, tow pin bushes, capstan bearings, deck winch bearings, stern roller bearings, hatch cover pads, watertight door bushes, stabiliser fin bearings, dredger suction tube pivot bearings. rudder pintle bearings, neck bearings and rudder carrier bearings

  • Oil, Gas & Mining – Insulation bushes and sleeves to prevent bimetallic corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, BOP system bushes and wear pads, moon pool hatch cover bearings, finger board bearings, roughneck bearings, single point mooring rope sheaves, turret bearings, riser protection system bearings, heave compensator bearings, drill rig bearings, motion damper bushings and lifeboat launch system bearings

  • Hydro Power – Wicket gate bearings, operating ring guide pads and cylinder eye end bushes, water lubricated turbine main shaft bearings, control ring wear pads and bushes and blade pitch control bearings

  • Subsea Equipment – Water lubricated bushes, ROV manipulator arm pivot bushes and sub sea anchor chain stopper bushes

Tufcot Marine Tubes – In Stock For Quick Delivery

Tufcot is an approved supplier of Rudder and Rudder Pintle bearings via the Lloyds Register for our grade T100MP.

Now Tufcot has this accreditation, it will allow our current and new customers to have the confidence to promote the Tufcot® material as a material that has achieved accreditation status.

The main benefits are…

  • Same day or next day delivery on T100MP tubes

  • Confidence in the Tufcot brand and the Tufcot® material

  • Test figures allowed the approval to be at a maximum pressure of 10N/mm²

  • Rapid turnaround of marine grade approved tubes to help vessels during dockings

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Lloyds approved- Tufcot T100

Tufcot® T100MP Marine Engineering Manual

The T100MP Marine Engineering Manual is aimed at providing in-depth information on the Tufcot® T100MP composite material that we produce specifically for the marine environment.

The Marine Manual includes information on the following: –

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Freeze Fitting Procedure
  • Recommended Interference Fits
  • Operating Clearance
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
  • Rudder Bearing Dimension Calculation
  • Machining Speeds and Feeds
  • Grooving and Drilling
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Tufcot T100 Marine Engineering

Case Study

T100MP Tipper Mechanism bearings – Rail Sector

Working in often subzero temperature inside the Arctic Circle these Iron Ore wagons must perform daily with no maintenance.

The wagons cover approx. 750,000 kilometers in 6 years and many hundreds of tipping operations before any bearing replacement is carried out.

Even after this period very little bearing wear has occurred.

Standard Grade Composite Materials for the Rail Sector

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