Tufcot® T400 resin system is our fire retardant grade of resin. This polyester resin system includes fire retardant additives, making it ideal for applications in the mining sector and the oil and gas sectors, which often have fire risks.

The effectiveness of our material is proven, as when exposed to a naked flame, the material will burn and self-extinguish within a few seconds once the source of combustion is removed.

This material can also be used with the addition of solid lubricants.

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Tufcot® T400 Material Grades

T400GLight GreyThis grade is suitable for underground mining applications and anywhere with the potential for fire.Tufcot® T400 range of resin is for fire retardance but is still self lubricating.

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Tufcot® T400 Key Features

  • Fire Retardent

  • Can Self-Extinguish Within Seconds after Contact with a Naked Flame

  • Suitable for Underground Mining

  • Commonly Used in Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors

Tufcot® T400 – Typical Applications

Tufcot® T400 can be used in a huge range of applications.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Mining, Oil & Gas – Oil rig conductor wear sleeves, underground mining equipment, tunneling machines and more

  • Railway – Railway rolling stock bushes and wear strips

Please contact us on +44 (0)114 244 2363 to discuss your requirements.

Tufcot T400 for Mining, Oil and Gas

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