Tufcot® T400 – Fire Retardant

T400 resin system is our fire retardant grade of resin.

A polyester resin system including fire retardant additives and used in applications in the mining sector and the oil and gas sectors.

When exposed to a naked flame the material will burn, once the source of combustion is removed the material will self-extinguish within a few seconds.

This material can again be used with the addition of solid lubricants as with the other resin systems.

T400G grade can operate to a constant temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and will operate with a co-efficient of friction value of 0.14 to 0.15 against stainless steel in dry running conditions.

Tufcot® T400 Key Features

  • Fire Retardant
  • Can Self-Extinguish Within Seconds after Contact with a Naked Flame

  • Suitable for Underground Mining
  • Commonly Used in Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors


  • Acid Resistant Properties
  • High Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Natural Low Coefficient of Friction
  • 1/6 Weight of Steel
  • No Harmful Toxic Materials
  • Excellent Bearing Material

  • Hard-Wearing
  • Low Rate of Moisture Absorption
  • Almost Any Fluid Can Be Used as a Lubricant
  • Easily Machined to Clients Exact Specifications
  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability, Even in Wet Conditions
Tufcot T400 Fire Retardant Material Grade

Tufcot® T400 Material Grades

T400GLight GreyThis grade is suitable for underground mining applications and anywhere with the potential for fire.Tufcot’s 400 range of resin is for fire retardance but is still self lubricating.
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Tufcot® T400 – Typical Applications

Tufcot T400 can be used in a huge range of applications.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Mining, Oil & Gas – Oil rig conductor wear sleeves, underground mining equipment, tunneling machines and more

  • Railway – Railway rolling stock bushes and wear strips

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Tufcot T400 for Mining, Oil and Gas

Case Study

T400 – Wear Sheaves – Offshore Sector

For over 5 years, Tufcot have been developing the Wear Sheave products to suit various oil rig conductors around the world.

The key benefits of the Wear Sheave are:

  • Fire retardant T400 Tufcot® material
  • Replace unsafe wooden chocks
  • Minimal wear rates – see clients comments below
  • Water is an ideal lubricant
  • Oil platform safety improvements
Fire Retardant Composite Materials

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