Tufcot® T600

T600 resin system is a Bisphenol resin.

It is ideally suited for chemical resistant applications.

Please check our Technical Brochure for the compatibility of our materials with acids and alkalis, our contact our technical department for additional advice.

Once again this resin system can be used with many lubricants and solid lubricant fillers to enhance the properties and lower the co-efficient of friction.

T600 grade, which is naturally pink in colour, can operate to a constant temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and will operate with a co-efficient of friction value of 0.18 to 0.2 against stainless steel in dry running conditions.

Advantages of Using Tufcot®

  • High Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Natural Low Coefficient of Friction
  • 1/6 Weight of Steel
  • No Maintenance

  • No Harmful Toxic Materials

  • Excellent Bearing Material
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Tufcot® Can Be Chemical, Radiation & Corrosion Resistant

  • Machined to Clients Exact Specifications

  • Low Rate of Moisture Absorption

  • Most Fluids Can Be Used as a Lubricant

  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability, Even in Wet Conditions

Tufcot® T600 Key Features

  • Ideally Suited to Chemical Resistant Applications
  • Can Be Used With Many Lubricants
  • Can Operate in Temperature of 100 Degrees Celcius
  • Co-efficient of Friction Value of 0.18 – 0.2 Against Stainless Steel in Dry Conditions
Tufcot T600 - Chemical Resistant Material Grade
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Tufcot® T600 Material Grades

Grade Colour Application Properties
T600 To order Superior chemical resistance.

Tufcot® T600 – Typical Applications

Tufcot T600 can be used in a huge range of applications.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Aircraft Field Equipment – Aircraft tow tug wear pads

  • Chemical Industries – Chemical handling pump bushes

  • Steelworks – Steel works strip pickling line bearings and wear pads

  • Wind Power – Wind turbine pitch control bearings, slewing ring damper pads

  • Solar Power– Solar panel tracking system plain and spherical bearings

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Tufcot T600 for Wind Power

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