Sheets, Tubes & Rods

Tufcot produces semi-finished material in tubes, laminates and rods for customers who may wish to do the machining either in-house or via an external contractor.

Delivery on tubes, laminates and rods (depending on sizes and quantity) is typically very short and can allow the customer to reduce a delivery time, or for our agents and distributors keep a stock material to give their customer a quick turnaround.

This has proved to be incredibly beneficial to some of our clients who prefer to keep stock for urgently needed machined products as soon as possible.

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sheets, tubes and rods

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Types of Sheets, Tubes & Rods

Tubes: Tufcot can produce billets or semi-finished tubes in a vast range of sizes depending on the customers’ request.  Please see our Services page for details on raw material sizes. Tufcot has produced tube up to 3 metres in diameter in the past so please contact our sales team for any extraordinary sizes.

Laminates: With the recent addition of a new 5 metre press, this allows us to produce laminates, up to 5 metres in length.  Mainly for our customers requesting 5 metre strip material but can also be used for semi-finished laminates.

Rods: Tufcot can produce solid rods to the sizes on our Services page. Please contact our sales team for any extraordinary sizes or Contact Us for more details on rod sizes.

sheets, tubes and rods

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