Tufcot® spherical bearings have been manufactured and supplied to a wide range of engineering markets for many years.

Our bearings can be produced for both inner & outer housings and are particularly ideal for marine applications as they are saltwater proof.

Tufcot® bearings are suitable as a replacement for conventional steel bearings, but if you need something more specific we custom build spherical bearings.

We produce our bearings in many sizes – from 20mm OD to 400mm OD as standard. Larger sizes may also be available upon request.

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Composite Spherical Bearings

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Typical Applications

We produce and supply our spherical bearings for applications across a range of market sectors. Here’s some typical applications:

Market Sectors

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Commercial Solar Farm Equipment

  • Cylinder Eye Ends

  • Deck Cranes

  • Ferry Loading Ramps

  • Hydro Power Equipment


  • Power Transfer Systems

  • RoRo Systems

  • Suspension Systems

  • Training Simulators (Flight, Driving)

  • Water Treatment Equipment

Composite Spherical Bearings Applications

The 6 Main Benefits of Using Tufcot®

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Minimal Swell in Water

  • Low Friction

  • Easy Installation


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