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Tufcot produce many different types of thrust washers and thrust bearings, ranging from simple spacers, plain washers, thrust washers or bearings to specialized types of thrust bearings and gaskets.

Tufcot® washers are typically dry sliding thrust bearings produced from sheet material, these can be used for axially compact bearing locations where oscillating or rotational movement can occur.

The correct choice of material grade can provide a maintenance free solution which can prevent lubrication starvation occurring in places where lubrication is not permissible or difficult to apply.

The hard-wearing nature of the material offers a long life and cost-effective method of lubrication and protection.

Tufcot’s comprehensive machining capability means washers, thrust washers and thrust bearings can be supplied in many sizes and thicknesses throughout our whole range of material grades.

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Plain Washers:

Typically used to separate two faces, often preventing metal to metal contact, in doing so effectively preventing damage and maintaining the positioning of components in the bearing arrangement.

The numerous grades of Tufcot® composite materials enables engineers in many disciplines to be able to specify the correct material for their application in a wide range of working environments.

For example: –

The isolating properties of Tufcot® thrust washers and bearings finds them used in marine environments to separate dissimilar metals helping to prevent such problems as electrolytic or bimetallic corrosion.

tufcot plain washers

Long term immersion in water causes no change to the material properties with virtually zero absorption and less than 0.1% volumetric swell, it offers a fit and forget solution.

Thrust Bearing: 

More specialised designs and geometry such as spherical cup thrust bearings are used in applications where the axial loading is not always parallel the bearing thrust face.

The correct choice of material grade can offer these specialist bearings a maintenance free solution for ease of installation and operation.

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Market Sectors

Tufcot® washers are used in a huge range of equipment making it a very versatile and useful product that is used in a range of applications within a variety of the key market sectors that Tufcot work with.

It’s almost impossible to list all the market sectors & applications where washers are used, here are just a few:

  • Marine
  • Sub Sea and Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Hydro Power Generation
  • Railway
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mechanical Handling Equipment.
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