Tufcot® Wear Rings

Tufcot® wear rings are manufactured from a resin-impregnated, fine weave fabric reinforced material with added solid lubricants.

The material is capable of withstanding high loads, has good vibration damping characteristics and is compatible with many hydraulic fluid mediums.

Tufcot® high load composite wear rings are often used in heavy duty Hydraulic Cylinders which are subject to high side loads.

High loads can occur in many applications in industries such as offshore or mobile hydraulics.

Tufcot’s high load capability prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston and cylinder bore also the rod and gland.

Gland bushings in Tufcot® are also used to  absorb high transverse loads.

The high compressive strength, good sliding behaviour and the exceptional wear resistance properties of Tufcot® wear rings and bearings ensure a long trouble-free service life.

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Tufcot Wear Rings

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Key Market Sectors

Tufcot® wear rings are used in hydraulic cylinders which are an essential component in a variety of equipment and applications, such as:

  • Excavators
  • Fork Lift Trucks
  • Mechanical Handling equipment
  • Deck and Mobile Cranes
  • Ro Ro Bow Doors
  • Lifting Bridge cylinders

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