Tufcot Website Design by Gromedia

Gromedia is a Web Design and Online Marketing Agency that is proud to have worked with Tufcot for a number of years.

We have worked side-by-side on projects to develop Tufcot’s website, company brochures as well as promoting the business online.

You can contact Gromedia using the following details: –

Ask for Marc!

The Tufcot Website

Tufcot are proud to have worked with Gromedia Web Design Agency since 2012.

In that time, Gromedia have designed and developed two websites for us, the latest being this mobile-friendly website; designed specifically to showcase Tufcot’s products and services as professionally as possible.

Tufcot are very pleased with the current website as it looks great and offers our customers a wide range of useful tools including a photo gallery,  distributors map, news section, a Frequently Asked Questions section, online brochure, company video and much, much more.

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The Tufcot Company Brochure

Gromedia helped us to design a professional company brochure to represent our products and services.

The 28-page brochure is a handy insight into Tufcot and comes in three different formats: –

  • PDF Version
  • Printed Copies
  • Online Version

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Over the last 3 and a half years, Marc has helped us no end with our web design, brochure design and online marketing services.

Improving our marketing communications has been a priority for Tufcot over this period and Marc has been a large part of its success. He is very approachable and is always available on the phone. No issue is too big or too small and Marc always helps us to understand what can be a very technical issue.

We’d happily recommend Marc to anyone wishing to improve any facet of their marketing communications.

Greg Majchrzak, Managing Director, Tufcot