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We are a specialist manufacturer of composites.

We supply our Tufcot® material as machined products such as spherical bearings, bushings, wear pads, laminates, hydraulic wear rings, semi-finished products and raw materials (tubes, rods, sheets).

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About Tufcot

Specialists in the manufacture and machining of composites.

The company was founded in 1981 by 3 directors who, at that time, had a combined experience of over 40 years in the composite bearings field.

The company has expanded and recently moved to significantly larger premises and currently employs over 40 people.

The company’s success is down to its ability to:

  • Supply a rapid turnaround of products
  • Offer a wide range of grades and bespoke bearings
  • Guarantee a High Quality, High Value Product
  • Extensive machining capabilities to suit all customers’ needs

The management believe that in order to continue this success they need to remain focused on supplying the customer with a first-class product, underpinned by a first-class service.

The Tufcot team including Greg, Chrissie and Elvin

What is Tufcot®?

Tufcot is a composite engineering material manufactured from synthetic fibers and thermosetting resins.

All grades of Tufcot are available with solid lubricant incorporated.

The physical and mechanical properties of Tufcot make it an excellent bearing material.

By varying the fabric reinforcement and the resin used, the physical and chemical properties of the material can be adjusted to suit a wide range of applications.

Tufcot is highly recommended for use where other forms of lubricant are either not desirable or are erratic, intermittent or non-existent.

Tufcot Ltd -

What Makes Tufcot® So Efficient?

  • Natural low coefficient of friction

  • Almost any fluid can be used as a lubricant

  • Tufcot can be chemical, radiation and corrosion resistant

  • Hard-wearing

  • Excellent bearing material

  • Low rate of moisture absorption

  • One-sixth the weight of steel

  • Easily machined to clients’ exact specifications

  • No harmful toxic materials

  • Exceptional dimensional stability, even in wet conditions

  • Can be produced with fire- and acid-retardant properties

  • High strength/weight ratio

How Can Tufcot® Help Your Engineering Processes?

Tufcot is highly recommended for use where lubricants are undesirable, erratic, intermittent or non-existent.

Where the maintenance of lubricant films is difficult, Tufcot has been found to give improved performance.

The grade T100, in particular, has an extremely low rate of moisture absorption and therefore negligible dimensional change, making it ideally suitable for use in submerged water applications.

Tufcot is only one-sixth the weight of steel, is easily machined, contains no harmful or toxic materials and has exceptional dimensional stability, even in wet conditions.

It offers the design engineer an attractive alternative for bushings, bearings, wear pads and many more applications.

Tufcot - Bearings

Market Sectors


Lloyds Approved Rudder Bearings, Lloyds Approved Pintle Rudder Bearings, Hatch Cover Pads, Stern Tube Bearings, Stabilizer Bearings, Deck Machinery Bearings.

Benefits: Rudder Bearings

  • Minimal swell in water
  • Dry-running capability due to self-lubrication
  • Protects housings from corrosion
  • Non-conductive: it protects against electrolytic corrosion
  • Tolerant to misalignment and shaft deflections
  • Raw material tubes can be manufactured in a short time
  • Easily machined on site without the use of coolant
  • Elasticity reduces the effects of hammering

Mining, Oil & Gas

Wear Sheaves, Coal Cutting Machinery, Cable Guide Rollers, Pulley Blocks, Anchor Sheave Bearings, Fulcrum Bearings, Piston Rings for Hydraulic Pit Props, Conveyor Rollers, Gears, Rig Bushes.

  • Fire retardant, self-extinguishing grade of resin
  • Minimal wear
  • Replace conventional wooden chocks


Locomotive Brake Gear Pads, Drawback Guides, Swing Link Seats.

  • T200HG is more hard-wearing than the standard T200G
  • T200 range is a higher temperature resin
  • These grades are ideal for extreme cold conditions. There are many examples of Tufcot in use on railroad systems operating in extreme temperatures.


Hydraulic Cylinder Wear Rings, Front Cover Bushes, Neck Bushes, Gland Bushes, Split Piston Bushes.

Benefits: Hydraulic Cylinder Wear Rings

  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston/rod and bore/gland, absorbing high transverse loads.
  • It is capable of withstanding high side loads, damping vibrations and embedded foreign particles.
  • Higher static loads are permissible. Special materials are available with operating temperatures up to +392°F (+200°C).

Other Market Sectors

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Chemical Industries

  • Civil Engineering

  • Contractor Equipment

  • Fluid Handling

  • Food industry

  • Mechanical Handling

  • Steel Rolling Mills

  • Textiles Printing & Paper

  • Tobacco

Material Grades

T100WhiteWater, OilDimensionally stable bearing material for the use primarily in harmless fluids.
T100GDark GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials.Self lubricating version of T100. An inexpensive general purpose hard wearing material. Tufcot’s standard grade.
Tufcot also produces T100GX with extra graphite.
T100MLight GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials.Self lubricating high performance bearing material.
T100MPLight GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials in the marine sector.Self lubricating high performance bearing material with low friction. Tufcot’s marine grade.
T200MPBlue GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials in the marine sector where enhanced temperature is required.Enhanced temperature version of T100M + PTFE. Limited chemical resistance but capable of withstanding:

  • 100 degrees centrigrade contant
  • 120 degrees centrigrade intermittent
T200GDark GreyReplace existing metallic or non-metallic bearing materials where enhanced temperature is required.Enhanced temperature version of T100G. Limited chemical resistance but capable of withstanding:

  • 100 degrees centrigrade contant
  • 120 degrees centrigrade intermittent
T200PBrownHigh slip properties means it is suitable for Wear Pad or Press Slide arm applications.High slip properties. This is applicable for enhanced temperature applications.
T400GLight GreyThis grade is suitable for underground mining applications and anywhere with the potential for fire.Tufcot’s 400 range of resin is for fire retardance but is still self lubricating.
T600GDark GreyThis grade is suitable for sewage, acid pickling baths and acid vapour environments.Tufcot’s 600 range is a superior chemical resistance grade at lower temperatures than T200G.
T100XPLGrey/To OrderFor use in high slip applications for example Wear Pads.Special PTFE layer incorporated in wearing surface which creates a very low co-efficient of friction.
T600To orderSuperior chemical resistance.


Machined Products

Tufcot offers a wide range of machined products including bushings, sphericals, washers, wear strip, wear pads, wear rings and customized parts.

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Tufcot bushes are fabric composite materials of fine-weave fabrics impregnated with special thermo-setting polyester resins.

In order to improve their mechanical properties—in particular the friction coefficient—the resin is mixed with additives.

Due to the wide range of materials with different mechanical and chemical properties, they are applicable to a large number of specific applications.

Tufcot - Bearings

Flanged Bushings

Tufcot flanged bearing bushings are often used, and are ideal for, machined housings which are not set up to accept a regular bearing.

Flanged bushes can be used in automotive, agricultural and industrial applications due to their long life-span and low maintenance requirements.

Flanged bushes can be impregnated with several lubricants as can be seen on our material grades page.

Tufcot Flanged bushes on show.


Tufcot Composite spherical bearings can be produced for both inner and outer housings. Inner rings can be split before and after machining.

Sphericals are produced from our maintenance-free materials and are suitable for mounting in the housings. Sphericals can also be drilled and grooved if extra oil lubrication is needed. These are ideal for marine applications as they are saltwater proof.

We can produce these in many sizes from 20 mm OD to larger, 400 mm OD as standard. Larger sizes may be available on request.

A Tufcot spherical with the tufcot name engraved on the side.


Tufcot thrust washers are dry-sliding thrust bearings produced from sheet material.

These can be used for axially compact bearing locations where oscillating and rotational movement can occur. They are maintenance free which can prevent lubrication starvation occurring in places where lubrication is difficult to apply.

We can supply in many sizes and thicknesses throughout our whole range of material grades.

tufcot plain washers


Tufcot standard wear ring or wear strip can be supplied from 1 mm to 5+ mm in thickness and widths of up to 50 mm.

We can produce strip lengths up to 5 meters in length. Our strips are machined to controlled and accurate tolerances and can be produced in various colors and grades.

Tufcot strip allows for low slip characteristics and possesses excellent use in non-standard chemical applications with low swell.

Tufcot stock strip is ideal for breakdown repairs.

Tufcot Ltd - Strip Material

Wear Pads

Tufcot wear pads are used in slide bearings, conveyor guides, scrapers and friction plates. Wear pads are predominantly used in the Textiles, Food, Railroad and Marine Industries.

They can be produced from all of our range of material grades; additionally, they can also be self-lubricating with the incorporation of lubricants such as PTFE, Molybdenum and Graphite.

Wear pads can be drilled and grooved to customers’ specific requirements for the benefits of lubrication and fixing.

Tufcot wear pads on show

Wear Rings

Tufcot wear rings of fabric composites are used in Hydraulic Cylinders which are subject to high loads such as can occur in mobile hydraulics and press construction.

The high compressive strength, good sliding behavior and the exceptional wear-resistance properties ensure a long service life.

Prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston/rod and bore/gland, absorbing high transverse loads.

Tufcot Wear Rings

Customized Parts

We can produce customized components to suit our customers’ designs.

These can all be produced from our range of material grades and from whichever product is most efficient or preferable (for example tube, rod or sheet).

We can do a vast range of dimensions: our largest bearing was over 3.5 meters in diameter which was used for a Swing Bridge.

Tufcot Custom Parts

Semi-Finished Product

Semi-finished products are available in a variety of sizes and colors as required by the customer.

Tube can be supplied in either thin wall or thick wall, offering the customer easier and more cost-effective machining, saving both time and money in machine operating costs.

Sheets, Tubes & Rods

Tufcot produces raw material tubes, laminates and rods for customers who wish to reduce their delivery times and do the machining either in-house or via an external contractor.

Delivery on tubes, laminates and rods (depending on sizes and quantity) is very short, to allow the customer to keep stock material or give their customer a quick turnaround.

Sheets, Tubes, Rods


We have a full range of machining services available including Milling, Turning, Boring, Drilling and Finishing.

This ensures that any size, shape and application can be designed and manufactured to the client’s exacting standards.

Most sizes can be handled by our works: for exceptional sizes, contact our sales department.

We also produce sphericals on CNC machinery.

Tufcot Ltd - Finishing

Special Products

Special components can be manufactured to the customer’s drawings from all grades of Tufcot.

In addition to special wear pads, bearings and bushings, plain spherical bearings can be manufactured in Tufcot to solve misalignment problems.

Spherical bearings, combining metallic and Tufcot materials, can also be produced.

For those applications where a fire risk exists, Tufcot can be produced with exceptional fire-retardant properties.