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Tufcot Composite Materials are used in a wide range of Market Sectors.

We manufacture our Tufcot® composite material & deliver globally.

We have a competitive pricing structure combined with fast delivery times.

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The 6 Main Benefits of Using Tufcot®

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Minimal Swell in Water

  • Low Friction

  • Easy Installation



Tufcot has over 35 years experience in the manufacture of resin bonded composite materials.

Our T100MP material has been specifically formulated for the marine environment.

It is ideally suited to the operating conditions and working environment of such bearings as rudder and pintle bushes which can be either water, oil, grease, lubricated or dry running conditions.

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Composite Materials for the Marine Sector


Tufcot produces outstanding products ideally suited for the railway sector.

The T200G  grade is produced for this industry as the T200 range has a higher temperature resin.

These grades can also be used in cold conditions, there have been many instances where our materials have been used on the railways in extrememly cold conditions!

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Composite Materials for the Railway Sector

Mining, Oil & Gas

For over 5 years, Tufcot, in partnership with HHR Enterprise, have been developing the WearSheave products to suit various oil rig conductors around the world.

Our T400 Tufcot® material is ideal for these situations, with it’s fire retardant qualities and minimal wear rates!

We are proud to work with Teknikprodukter and Scandinavian Friction as our Preferred Partners within the Mining, Oil and Gas sector.

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Composite Materials for the Mining, Oil and Gas Sector


Tufcot’s hydraulic cylinder wear rings are ideal for the hydraulic industry.

Not only are they capable of withstanding high side loads, damping vibrations and embedded foreign particles, it also prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston / rod and bore / gland, absorbing high transverse loads!

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Composite Materials for the Hydraulics Sector


Tufcot structural bearings are typically manufactured from our material grade T100G.

In many instance, special surface finishes or treatments can be applied to provide through life lubrication systems for bearing assembly.

Tufcot® composite materials have an advantage over traditional materials and offer a alternative approach to bearing design.

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Composite Materials for Structural Applications


Tufcot® bearings are resin bonded fabric reinforced composite materials containing solid lubricant fillers, Tufcot composites have been exclusively developed to suit a wide variety of bearing applications.

Tufcot® bearings unique properties make them the ideal bearing solution in many different market sectors and in numerous different applications including agricultural machinery.

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Market Sector - Agriculture - Composite Materials

Other Market Sectors

  • Automotive Car

  • Chemical Industries

  • Civil Engineering

  • Contractor Plant

  • Fluid Handling

  • Food Industry

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  • Machine Tools & Presses

  • Mechanical Handling

  • Steel Rolling Mills

  • Textiles, Printing & Paper

  • Tobacco

Wind Energy

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The sealing and bearing solutions we produce are developed with each specific industry in mind, therefore ensuring that the final product is fit for purpose.

Definitive Guide to Composite Materials

Our “Definitive Guide to Composite Materials” is an excellent buyer’s guide to composite materials and covers subjects such as:

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