Tufcot® Composite Bearing Materials for Agriculture Industry

Tufcot have provided quality materials, including composite bearings, to the Agriculture industry for over 35 years.

The unique properties of our Tufcot® composite bearings make them the ideal bearing solution in many different market sectors and in numerous different applications including agricultural machinery.

Tufcot® bearings are resin bonded fabric reinforced composite materials containing solid lubricant fillers.

Tufcot® composites have been exclusively developed to suit a wide variety of bearing applications.

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composite bearing materials for the agriculture sector

Typical Products & Applications

  • Flanged bushes

  • Plain bushes

  • Washers

  • Wear pads

  • Combine harvesters

  • Balers

  • Bale handling equipment

  • Pivot bearings on heavy duty tractors

  • Pea harvesters

  • Tipper trailers

  • Gang mowers

  • Crop spraying equipment

  • Logging equipment

  • Off highway vehicles

  • Heavy duty tractors

  • High-load agriculture equipment bearings

Benefits of Tufcot® Composite Bearings

  • Self Lubricating: The self-lubrication properties of Tufcot make them an ideal fit and forget bearing solution in this very demanding market.

  • Low Friction & Wear –The inherent low friction and wear properties of the materials ensures a long service life.

  • Durable – The materials ability to work in dry and dusty conditions or often wet and dirty conditions without the need for sealing, offers a distinct advantage over conventional brass or hardened steel bushing.

  • Reduced Operating Noise – Tufcot Bearings natural damping characteristic also helps to reduce the operating noise of the equipment.

composite bearing materials for the agriculture industry
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