Composite Materials for the Hydraulics Industry

Tufcot has been manufacturing and supplying it’s range of composite materials for the Hydraulics industry including wear rings and bearing strips for use in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for over 35 years.

The Tufcot® range of materials have been specially developed to meet the demands of applications requiring high load capability, low wear, low friction & long life.

Tufcot’s variety of wear rings and bearing strips exhibit virtually no swell and possess excellent hydraulic fluid compatibility.

Our bearing strips can be supplied in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 6.5mm and widths from 4.5mm to 50mm and in lengths of up to 5 meters!

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Composite materials for the hydraulics industry

Tufcot® Grades

  • T100G

Typical Products & Applications for the Hydraulics Sector

  • Hydraulic cylinder wear rings

  • Front cover bushes

  • Neck bushes

  • Gland bushes

  • Split piston bushes

  • Spherical eye end bearings

  • Rod end bearings

  • Rod rings and piston rings in hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders

  • Trunnion mounting bearings

  • Gland bushes

  • Seal backup rings

  • Special wear ring for military equipment

  • Oil hydraulics

  • Water based hydraulic fluid

  • Pneumatic cylinders

  • Custom manufactured cylinder

Case Study – Hydraulics Sector

Benefits – Hydraulic Cylinder Wear Rings

  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston / rod and bore / gland, absorbing high transverse loads

  • It is capable of withstanding high side loads, damping vibrations and embedded foreign particles

  • Higher static loads are permissible

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