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Composite Materials for Mining, Oil & Gas Industry

Tufcot are proud to provide a range of products to the Mining, Oil and Gas industry.

The Tufcot® T400 range, our fire retardent grade of resin, is especially suited to this industry.

We have provided solutions for use on oil rigs, underground mining equipment and much more besides.

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Tufcot® Grades

  • T400

  • T400G

Typical Products & Applications

  • Wearsheaves

  • Coal cutting machinery

  • Cable guide rollers

  • Pulley blocks

  • Anchor sheave bearings

  • Fulcrum bearings

  • Conveyor rollers

  • Gears

  • Derrick bushes

  • Oil rig conductor wear sleeves

  • Underground mining equipment

  • Piston rings for hydraulic pit props

  • Turret bearings

  • Heave compensator bearings

  • Drill rig bearings

  • Motion damper bushings

  • Lifeboat launch system bearings

  • Riser protection system bearings

  • Insulation bushes and sleeves

  • Finger board bearings

  • Roughneck bearings

  • Single point mooring rope sheaves

  • BOP system bushes and wear pads

  • Moon pool hatch cover bearings

Preferred Partner

Tufcot Engineering Ltd are proud to work with Teknikprodukter and Scandinavian Friction as our Preferred Partners within the Mining, Oil and Gas sector.

Our preferred partner, Scandinavian Friction, show here their take on a Tufcot mining example.

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Oil Sector – Conductor Wear Sheaves

For over 5 years, Tufcot, in partnership with HHR Enterprise, have been developing the WearSheave products to suit various oil rig conductors around the world.

The key benefits of the Wear Sheave are:

  • Fire retardant T400 Tufcot® material
  • Replace unsafe wooden chocks
  • Minimal wear rates – see clients comments below
  • Water is an ideal lubricant
  • Oil platform safety improvements

This product is an example of a major problem being highlighted in a dangerous environment and Tufcot® material being used as an ideal solution in a safer, more efficient manner. Tufcot are continuing to research and develop in many market sectors with the Oil and Gas Sector as a key growth area in years to come.

Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak
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Case Study – Mining, Oil & Gas

Recent Project Gallery

We recently received a drawing from a customer with a simple question; can you make this King Post Bearing?

King Post Bearings are often used for a simple old type of crane sometimes used on oil rigs. After previous issues with nylon products, the customer had decided to try Tufcot® to replace the old original bearing.

We informed the customer that we could make the product and that it would take 2 weeks for us to deliver.

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