Composite Materials for the Railway Sector

Tufcot are proud to provide a range of products to the Railway industry.

The Tufcot® T200 range, our higher temperature resin system, is especially sought after within this industry.

We have been operating for over 35 years and are confident in our abilities to provide suitable solutions to the Railway Industry.

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Composite materials for the railway sector

Tufcot® Grade for the Railway Industry

  • T200G

  • T200HG


  • T200 range is a higher temperature resin

  • These grades can also be used in cold conditions, we have had our material on many railways in extremely cold conditions

Typical Products & Applications

  • Roller bar bushes

  • Brake hanger bushes

  • Gangway face linings

  • Drawback guides

  • Snubber bushes

  • Centre pivot liners

  • Pivot bushes

  • Railway rolling stock bushes and wear strips

  • Swing link seats

  • Bogey side frame bearing pads

Case Study – Railway Sector


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