Composite Materials for The Structural Industry

Tufcot are proud to have worked within the Structural industry for over 35 years.

Tufcot® structural bearings are typically manufactured from our material grade T100G.

In many instances, special surface finishes or treatments can be applied to provide through-life lubrication systems for bearing assembly.

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composites for the structural industry


  • T100G

Bridge Bearings Available

  • Fixed – Fixed in both X & Y -axis

  • Multi Direction – Free X & Y -axis

  • Single Direction – Fixed X, Free Y -axis

Replacing Steel & Other Materials

Tufcot® composite materials have an advantage over traditional materials and offer a alternative approach to bearing design.

Our composite bearing materials eliminated the need for steels that corrode and other materials that are both expensive and can deteriorate over time.

Tufcot® composite materials do not corrode, are not affected by UV or changes in humidity, that are not bio-degradable, need no maintenance and have an infinite lifespan!

composite materials for the structural industry

Advantages of Tufcot® Composite Structural Bearings

  • High Load Capacity

  • Synthetic Composite Material, No Corrosion, No Need for Painting

  • Electrically Isolating, No Bimetallic Corrosion

  • Dimensionally Stable & Tolerant in High Humidity Environments

  • 1/6th the Weight of Steel

  • Built in Lubrication System

  • Simple Bearing Assembly

  • Bearings are Manufactured In-House

composite structural bearings
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