For many years, the structural industry has trusted us to provide bearings built to last.

You no longer need to worry about expensive materials corroding over time, as our Tufcot® structural bearings are extremely hard-wearing.

We typically manufacture them using our material grade T100G . This has an infinite life span and needs no maintenance, thanks to its self lubricating properties.

In many instances, special surface finishes or treatments can be applied to provide through-life lubrication systems for bearing assembly.

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composites for the structural industry


  • T100G

Bridge Bearings Available

  • Fixed – Fixed in both X & Y -axis

  • Multi Direction – Free X & Y -axis

  • Single Direction – Fixed X, Free Y -axis

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Replacing Steel & Other Materials

Tufcot® composite materials have an advantage over traditional materials and offer a alternative approach to bearing design.

Our composite bearing materials eliminated the need for steels that corrode and other materials that are both expensive and can deteriorate over time.

Here’s what makes Tufcot® composite materials a better solution:

  • They don’t corrode
  • Aren’t affected by UV
  • Are resistant to changes in humidity
  • Are Bio-Degradable
  • Need no maintenance
  • Have an infinite lifespan
composite materials for the structural industry

Case Studies – Structural

The 6 Main Benefits of Using Tufcot®

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Minimal Swell in Water

  • Low Friction

  • Easy Installation

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