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We have a full range of machining services available, from Milling, Turning, Boring, Drilling and Finishing.

This ensures that any size, shape and application can be designed and manufactured to the clients exacting standards.

Most sizes can be handled by our works, for exceptional sizes, contact our sales department.

We also produce sphericals on CNC machinery.

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Stage 1 – Manufacturing

All Tufcot® composite materials are manufactured on site at our extensive factory in Sheffield, UK.

The process department is the start of the Tufcot material cycle, split into two sections it encompasses the tube or rod manufacturing section and the sheet laminating section

The process starts with a formulation created by Tufcot’s R and D department. These formulations relate to the specific material grades

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Tufcot Engineering Ltd - Stage 1 - Manufacturing

Stage 2 – Preparation

There are various stages of preparation including:

  • Tube/Rod Preparation – Once the tubes or rods have been post cured they can then be removed and are ready for the next phase of machining.
  • Laminate Preparation –  Once the laminates have been post cured they are then ready to prepare.Where a customer requires sheets or smaller pads, the sawing and sanding department trim and sand the laminate to the customers required dimensions.
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Tufcot Services - Step 2 - Preparation

Stage 3 – Machining

There are also different machining processes such as:

  • Manual Machining: Our manual machine department has a current capacity to machine up to 2 metre diameter tubes into finished bushes, bearings or rings as required.
  • CNC Machining: A great deal of the tubes produced go to our CNC department, finished parts can be quickly and accurately programmed on our Fanuc controlled Doosan CNC’s and can be machined to either our production drawings or the customers own drawing specifications.
  • CNC Milling & Routing: Tufcot’s CNC Machining Centres, Milling machines and recently purchased large bed CNC router.
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Tufcot Services - Step 3 - Machining

Stage 4 – Finishing

After the parts have been machined and to ensure any machining flash has been removed, we have a number of deburring machines, this process cleans the edges and removes any flash, creating a more polished, professional finish.

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Tufcot Engineering Ltd - Services - Step 4 - Finishing

Stage 5 – Final Inspection

Once the finished parts have been completed within the relevant sections of the machine shop, they then move onto the Inspection department.  The Inspection department is a temperature controlled environment where the finished parts are inspected by our experienced Inspectors before being passed to the packing department.

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Tufcot Engineering Ltd - Services - Step 5 - Final Inspection

Stage 6 – Dispatch

The final stage of the Tufcot services and departments is the dispatch area. This is a large working area, allowing us to prepare boxes, pallets and other forms of packaging and work with our customers to find the most cost efficient ways of packing their goods to reduce costs and waste.

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Tufcot Engineering Ltd - Services - Step 6 - Dispatch

Machined Product Sizes

 Bushes Minimum I/D 10 3/8″
 Maximum O/D 1500 59″
 Maximum Length 610/254 24″/10″
 Milled Pads Minimum Thickness3 1/8″
Maximum Thickness 305 12″
Minimum Length/Width 8 x 8 3/8″ x 3/8″
Maximum Length/Width 850 x 200033.5″ x 78.75″

Semi-Finished Product Sizes

 Tube Minimum I/D8 3/8″
 Maximum O/D 1000 39 3/8″
 Maximum Length 610 24″
 Solid Rod Minimum I/D25 1″
Maximum O/D 300 12″
 Maximum Length50019 5/8″
 SheetMinimum Thickness21/8″
Maximum Thickness2008″
Maximum Length5000196 7/8″
Maximum Width100039″

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