We have a full range of machining services available: Milling, Turning, Boring, Drilling and Finishing.

This ensures that any size, shape and application can be designed and manufactured to the clients exacting standards.

Most sizes can be handled by our works.

For exceptional sizes, contact our sales department.

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Our Range of Services

Process Department

All Tufcot® composite materials are manufactured on site at our extensive factory in Sheffield, UK.

The process department is the start of the Tufcot material cycle. Split into two sections, it encompasses the tube or rod manufacturing section and the sheet laminating section.

The process starts with a formulation created by Tufcot’s R and D department. These formulations relate to the specific material grades.

Each material grade is comprised of a thermosetting resin system; we have several to suit the many varied application to which the material is suited.  The resin can incorporate solid lubricant additives such as: Graphite, PTFE or Molybdenum Di Sulphide.

Reinforcing fibres are chosen to enhance the properties of the material. Again, a number of reinforcing materials are available; the choice of fibre used would be application specific.

A very large range of standard mandrel sizes are available to accommodate our customer requirements. Custom sizes can be quickly and economically produced for special applications.

Once the tubes or rods are produced, they go through an initial curing process (green phase). After the allocated amount of time, they can be easily handled to move on to a post cure process in a large temperature controlled curing oven.

Once cured, the tubes/rods are ready to be machined or are ready for shipment if the customer has ordered raw material tubes.

Process Department – Laminating

Laminating follows the initial same procedure, using the same formulations as the tube and rod production section.

However, this doesn’t use a mandrel. Instead, it involves a layup process with a certain number of layers of reinforcing fabric. This is impregnated with the specific resin formulation to suit the required thickness, width and length for a finished laminate.

Once the fabric is laid up to the required size and thickness, it’s then put into one of our hydraulic laminating presses.  The laminate is compressed to a set size, which also completes the initial curing (green phase).

The laminate is post cured, the same as the tubes in the curing oven.

Tube/Rod Preparation

Once the tubes or rods have been post cured, they can then be removed and are ready for the next phase of machining.

Due to the manufacturing process, the Tufcot® tubes have a resin rich outer surface finish.

The initial process is to trim the ends of the tube and remove this surface.  The tube is either ground on our centreless belt grinder, or machined on a centre lathe to the required O/D and I/D if necessary, ready for dispatch to the customer.

Where finish machined components are required, the tubes can go to either our CNC or Manual Machining section for further machining into finished rings, bushes or other products.

Laminate Preparation – Sawing and Sanding

Once the laminates have been post cured, they are then ready to prepare.

Where a customer requires sheets or smaller pads, the sawing & sanding department trim and sand the laminate to the customers required dimensions. Once the laminates are prepared, they can be shipped to the customer.

If further machining is required, they are ready to be passed to the next department. Here, they are machined on one of our CNC milling machines or processed on our CNC router.

Strip material is also produced in the sawing and sanding department. Tufcot produces 1000’s of metres of strip every year.

The raw material laminates are cut into the desired widths and lengths using a special cutting machine.

Manual Machining

Our manual machine department has a current capacity to machine up to 2 metre diameter tubes into finished bushes, bearings or rings as required.

Although we have quite a significant capacity and a good range of machines, we have identified a need to extend this capability further. Because of this, we will be adding further larger machining capability to this important department.

CNC Machining

A great deal of the tubes produced go to our CNC department. Finished parts can be quickly and accurately programmed on our Fanuc controlled Doosan CNCs. They can be machined to either our production drawings or the customers own drawing specifications.

Tufcot has more than 10 CNCs which cover all areas of the machine capabilities, allowing us to use up to 164mm diameter tubes down the headstock. Even larger diameters of up to 800mm can be accommodated when the tube is held in the chuck.

Utilising bar feeds on some of our CNCs allows these machine to run independently for large batch production runs. This gives Tufcot the  potential to operate a 24 hour manufacturing operation if the workload requires this.

The finished parts that are often machined from this process include: flanged bushes, wear rings, bearings, spherical bearings and specially designed parts to the customers’ requirements.

CNC Milling & Routing

This involves Tufcot’s CNC Machining Centres, Milling Machines and a recently purchased large bed CNC router.

A capacity of over 3 metre length and 1.5 metre width allow the raw material sheet or laminate to be machined into wear pads, wear strips guide strips, bearing blocks, washers or even structural bearings.

These parts typically include holes, grooves and/or special machined features that can be quickly completed on these machines.

Deburring Machines

After the parts have been machined, to ensure any machining flash has been removed, we have a number of deburring machines.

This process cleans the edges and removes any flash; creating a more polished, professional finish.

Inspection Department

Once the finished parts have been completed within the relevant sections of the machine shop, they then move onto the inspection department.  The inspection department is a temperature controlled environment where the finished parts are inspected by our experienced inspectors, before being passed to the packing department.

Our inspection room contains a CMM measuring machine, allowing us to accurately record measurements. It also contains externally calibrated inspection equipment, micrometres and Vernier’s to cover all sizes.

Tufcot can offer 3.1 test certificates.  If needed, our sales team can provide prices for 3.2 certification when necessary.

This department is crucial as it’s the final stage where the goods are dimensionally checked. It also helps to ensure the necessary quality control of goods so they meet both our internal standards, along with our customers’. Tufcot prides itself on our high standard and  excellent quality materials.

Dispatch Area

The final stage of the Tufcot services and departments is the dispatch area.

This is a large working area where we prepare boxes, pallets and other forms of packaging. We work with our customers to find the most cost efficient ways of packing their goods to reduce costs and waste.

On Time Deliveries

Since 2013, Tufcot has aimed to consistently improve our on-time delivery performance figures via improving our production department and reducing inefficiencies through the whole company.

On-time delivery performance has improved from 57% in 2013 to 98% in 2016. This a remarkable feat when you have to compare the increased workload since 2013.

Tufcot is very proud to publish these figures, as it shows the progress of the company over the last few years. This has included numerous investments into new machinery, production techniques and better operations management control.

Other Key Departments

Quality Check at Tufcot

Research & Development

Tufcot’s Technical and R & D departments have grown significantly over the last few years.

Our Technical Manager has many years of experience working in the composite bearing industry and is available to answer any technical questions regarding Tufcot® material. He can offer advice on grades, material selection, suitability, different fitting methods, design and tolerance requirements of components.

The technical department links in well with the R & D department.

As you can see from the picture, Tufcot has recently invested in a custom built and state of the art Journal bearing Test Rig. This allows us to test and develop further our current material grades, but also allows us to plan for the future and develop new grades of material.

Tufcot philosophy is to constantly invest in new Research and Development projects, along with equipment for us to be able to compete and advance in a very competitive market place.

For any technical enquiries please email

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The ISO 9001:2015 standard shows our quality department & QA system has been certified and that the company operates to the high standards of quality operations within our business.

Tufcot’s quality manager makes sure that the quality manual and procedures in place at Tufcot meet the ISO standards, assuring the customer that if there is ever a quality issue, we will solve this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For any quality issues please email

Tufcot Engineering Ltd S- Other Key Departments - Employees in the office.


Tufcot’s pricing department is the first stage before a customer can place an order.

Tufcot aim to send prices back within 24 hours unless there are further questions and discussions on tolerances. If the job is a large or complicated job, this could take longer.

Please email if you have any price enquiries.

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The production department is key to a customer’s order being successfully placed on the terms of all aspects of contract review; from the quotation, to the dispatch time confirmed by our production department.

Tufcot’s production department is proud of its impressive on-time delivery results and it’s very low lead times.

For any queries regarding an order, this is the department you need to contact.

Please contact

Stock Control

Tufcot has recently achieved Lloyd’s type approval for the Marine sector.

This certification means we now keep stock for certain sizes in our Marine approved grade of material T100MP – suitable for rudder bearings.

Our stock control area also provides customers the opportunity to have material shipped the same day (if we have the item in stock).

The stock area contains a large range of other tubes, laminates and finished strip materials.

If you have any enquiries regarding stock please contact


Tufcot’s accounts department is key for the completion of the transactions.

The accounts department deals with the dispatch paperwork and contacts, as well as the invoicing and control of purchasing.

For any dispatch or accounts queries please email

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