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Manual Machining

Our manual machine department has a current capacity to machine up to 2 metre diameter tubes into finished bushes, bearings or rings as required.

Although quite a significant capacity and a good range of machines, we have identified a need to extend this capability further and will be adding further larger machining capability to this important department.

CNC Machining

A great deal of the tubes produced go to our CNC department, finished parts can be quickly and accurately programmed on our Fanuc controlled Doosan CNC’s and can be machined to either our production drawings or the customers own drawing specifications.

Tufcot has more than 10 CNC’s which cover all areas of the machine capabilities, allowing us to go up to 164mm diameter tubes down the headstock, even larger diameters can be accommodated when the tube is held in the chuck, up to a maximum of 800 mm.

Utilising Bar Feeds on some of our CNC’s allows these machine to run independently for large batch production runs and the potential for Tufcot to operate a 24 hour manufacturing operation if the workload requires this.

The finished parts that are often machined from this process include, flanged bushes, wear rings, bearings, spherical bearings and specially designed parts to the customers’ requirements.

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CNC Milling and Routing

Tufcot’s CNC Machining Centres, Milling machines and recently purchased large bed CNC router

With a capacity of over 3 metre length and 1.5 metre width allow the raw material sheet or laminate to be machined into wear pads, wear strips and guide strips, bearing blocks, washers or even structural bearings.

These parts typically include holes, grooves and or special machined features that can be quickly completed on these machines.

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