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Tube/Rod Preparation

Once the tubes or rods have been post cured they can then be removed and are ready for the next phase of machining.

Due to the manufacturing process the Tufcot® tubes have a resin rich outer surface finish.

The initial process is to trim the ends of the tube and remove this surface.  The tube is either ground on our centreless belt grinder or machined on a centre lathe to the required O/D and I/D if necessary ready for despatch to the customer.

Where finish machined components are required the tubes are now ready to go to either our CNC or Manual machining section for further machining into finished rings, bushes or other products.

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Laminate Preparation – Sawing and Sanding

Once the laminates have been post cured they are then ready to prepare.

Where a customer requires sheets or smaller pads, the sawing and sanding department trim and sand the laminate to the customers required dimensions.

Once the laminates are prepared they can be shipped to the customer.

If further machining is required they are ready to be passed to the next department to be machined on one of our CNC milling machines or processed on our CNC router.

Strip material is also produced in the sawing and sanding department.

The raw material laminates are cut into the desired widths and lengths using a special cutting machine.

Tufcot produces 1000’s of metres of strip every year.

Strip Material

Plain Wear Pads with no milling or drilling operation

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