We have had an excellent first half of the year so far here at Tufcot, getting very close to the sales figures of our record 2022 which is excellent.

So, as a gesture of thanks to all the Tufcot team for their hard work, we treated everyone to a fun day of food and drink and curling at the brilliant Ice Sheffield.

The day proved a great success and coincided with the summer solstice on 21st June.

Tufcot Team Day Out - Ice Sheffield

Tufcot Team Day Out at Ice Sheffield

The afternoon started with half the team walking from our Tufcot premises to Ice Sheffield. Those who walked had the bonus of finishing work early for the walk, promoting the benefits of walking for health and wellbeing.

On arrival we were welcomed into The Glacier Suite at Ice Sheffield, where we held the event. This is a large event space, comfortably accommodating our 51 employees.

The food there was amazing and the portions were very generous, so nobody was left feeling hungry. We were served delicious pie, peas, chips and gravy prepared by the Ice Sheffield chef.

Some of our team had second helpings, but most importantly, to add to the Sheffield theme, locally produced Henderson’s Relish was a must!

Tufcot Team Day Out - Ice Sheffield

Curling Fun

At 2pm, our teams headed to the ice to take on Curling. In teams of six, we competed against each other to score and get as close to the middle of the ring with the stones as possible.

It was a great day out enjoyed by all and a lovely chance for everyone to get together to try something new.

The curling was very enjoyable for all abilities. All the food and drinks were included by Tufcot, and the event finished at 4pm.

Tufcot senior management believe our employees are our most important asset. Looking after our employees with afternoons out and free food and drinks is just a small gesture of our appreciation.

We look forward to the next Tufcot team event!

Tufcot Team Day Out - Ice Sheffield